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Coworking Spaces, defining a new workplace

August 08, 2016 - Collaborative Workspaces

Author : Prodigy Network

Co-working spaces are positioning themselves strongly in the office real estate sector, creating a segment that is characterized by collaboration and the emergence of new technology platforms. It signifies an evolution in the corporate environment, naturally following the progression of a more synergistic world.

More than just a workspace, co-working spaces constitute a community of members that share both physical space and technical equipment, while benefiting from their close proximity and ability to organically collaborate. Moreover, one of the main differences from traditional corporate environments is that members do not work for the same employer nor do they share the same discipline; thus, the ability for a cross-pollination of ideas and creativity is greatly enhanced.

In the beginning, coworking spaces emerged as the perfect place for freelancers, especially in creative fields. Now, they are being utilized by entrepreneurs, remote and independent workers, and large corporations such as The Guardian, IBM, and Philips, among others. This plurality and versatility not only shows the increasing acceptance granted to this real estate segment all over the world, but it also shows how individuals increasingly value collaboration and the organic interchange of knowledge and discourse, made possible by their close proximity.


The real estate industry is quickly reacting to this new reality and must focus on offering ideal spaces that meet this increased demand. JLL, a commercial real estate sector firm, recently carried out a survey among the industry’s executives that established coworking spaces as one of the most important trends of the moment. Likewise, JLL published a report naming the most common reasons that corporations might consider a shift to coworking spaces: collaboration, innovation, flexibility, talent retention, and cost optimization.

However, one of the biggest challenges in the real estate industry is transcending the inherent limitation of the physical space. While there has been some success in fostering social environments, the desirability of a successful coworking space lies in the communities that have come together between its four walls, and this is a challenge that must be kept a priority.  

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The Assemblage, our coworking and hospitality brand, has three physical locations currently in development in Manhattan. The Assemblage has been specifically and expertly designed to respond to the demands of this emergent workforce in every respect, and will become the home to a community of high-level creators and entrepreneurs. Two of the properties lie in the heart of NoMad, one of the neighborhoods with the highest growth rate in New York. (Read more about NoMad: the neighborhood that attracts investors), as well as one more in Wall Street.

Through a well-defined strategy based on mutual connectivity and technology, our coworking spaces will be much more than just a convenient physical working space in New York City. Aside from its innovative and ground-breaking design,  a wide array of amenities that will ensure that every need is met, it also provides an integrated technological platform that will promote collaboration, knowledge exchange, and joint growth for all of the members involved.

We invite you to learn more about our co-working projects in New York – Offering institutional-quality commercial asset investment opportunities starting from US$50,000 for international investors or US$20,000 for accredited investors.

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