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Humans of the Financial District

December 09, 2016 - Financial District

Author : Prodigy Network

At Prodigy Network, we think that a neighborhood is defined by many different characteristics, the buildings, the architecture, the shops, the restaurants, the businesses, but most importantly the people. That being said, instead of us trying to determine what the best part of the Financial District is, we decided to ask the people. We asked our two photographers, Ariel Azria and Dasha Babaytseva, to approach people on the street and ask them what they like the most about the area. We’re compiling our favorite profiles into this blog post! Enjoy!

“My favorite part of the financial district is the ability to interact with different people and all that comes with being here.”


“I like how easy it is to catch the PATH train to the World Trade Center and that there amidst all the finance, there is also a Tiffany’s, where I’m actually headed to, to get my bracelet fixed.”


“It’s [the Financial District] quiet on the weekends which is definitely a plus… You get more tourists than before but that makes the area feel alive.”

“The history. It’s kind of crazy to think about walking in a place that was just as crowded 100 years ago and all the history this place has, like the old J.P. Morgan building.”


“I live in Burlington, Vermont and am here on a business trip. I always try to come to Wall Street when I visit the city. Behind me, there’s the stock exchange and behind you there’s the first place the American government was!”


“The history. The stock exchange. The old financial firms. Just being down here is probably the most enjoyable part. Watching the transformation from office buildings to more residential and commercial, but it’s not for the better actually. So I’m not exactly happy, I guess I’m trying to find the best part about it. I think it’s just the historical buildings and just being part of something bigger that is so important to New York and Wall Street, which is the capital of finance. It’s the place where companies can generate money to grow firms and help support the economy. It’s not a perfect place, but I think it’s an exciting place because it’s always changing. The stock exchange is not what it used to be. Machinery has taken over a lot of what folks have done in the stock exchange but it still has the appeal where the essence of it is capitalism and the ability to take an idea, a product, a company, and fund it. But it’s the history of the early 20th century, the J.P. Morgan, the Rockefellers, Oil Barons, the ones who built wall street and finance in the United States. And it’s changed so much, but it’s still the history of the people.”


“It feels like the past right here along with the future!”


“Even though I work at 14 Wall, my favorite place would be the stock exchange. When I was younger, we would be allowed to go into the building and see everything. It just has such a great history here and it’s such a beautiful building in itself.”


“I came here four years ago. It was right after Hurricane Sandy, so the prices were quite low for very good quality spaces. I had someone help me and we looked at Brooklyn Heights and other places but I loved how central and quiet this area was. There’s a lot more now too; great restaurants, gyms, and plenty of parks for my dog.”


“I really love being near Ground Zero because of what it means to all of us.”


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