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Westfield and Brookfield

Westfield and Brookfield the two shopping centers at the forefront of FiDi’s renovation

October 10, 2016 - Financial District

Author : Prodigy Network

Manhattan’s oldest neighborhood is new again. After 9/11, Manhattan’s Downtown suffered major damages, but now it is revamped and it is a much sought after destination. Westfield and Brookfield Place are two of the projects at the forefront of the rejuvenation efforts for the Financial District.

Brookfield Place (230 Vesey Street)

Brookfield Place opened its doors for the first time in 1985, back in those days it was used only for offices. Since it was located merely across the street from the Twin Towers, the building suffered extensive damages to the lobby and to the structural components of the building during 9/11 attacks.

After a $250 million renovation, the site reopened in 2014 to the public. Brookfield Place became a very important landmark for the city, catering to both locals and tourists alike. The mall boast an extensive array of  34 shops and boutiques, ranging from the most affordable to the most luxurious, 20 restaurants markets, serving from popular well known brands like Chipotle and Sprinkles to artisanal local food.

Furthermore, Brookfield place is the host for many important events from a Virtual Reality Gallery, to Ice rinks in the winter, to pop up art or sculpture exhibits. On top of the vast amenities and services provided by the mall, Brookfield Place is comprised of some of the most awe-inspiring architecture throughout the city. The massive cultural hub serves not only as a heavily visited tourist spot, but also as a hub for transportation, connecting the mall to the PATH Train subterraneously.

Brookfield Place
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Westfield Place

In August 2016 Westfield Place opened its doors as the first mall in Downtown and as an extension to Brookfield, but also as its own entity with 365,000 square feet shopping space. Westfield shut down after 9/11 only to be reopened this year. Before it was shut down, Westfield was New York City’s premier iconic mall to be opened to the same fame. Read more about Westfield Place.

One of the most attractive offers is  Eataly, a restaurant brand that has 19 locations worldwide in places from Seoul to Boston. Eataly is a global seller of all fine cuisine related to Italy such as pasta, pizza, and paninis, serving as both a restaurant and a market.

The most impactful place in Westfield is the area inside the Oculus, the architectonic structure created by the Spanish Santiago Calatrava inaugurated in April 2016. Read more about the Oculus.

These two additions, alongside with other that opened its doors in recent years, have made the Financial District a much sought out location.

Westfield WTC
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Know AKA Wall Street, Prodigy Network’s short term rental project located in Downtown Manhattan, located a few block away from the World Trade Center complex.

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