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Westfield World Trade Center by Juan Carlos Ramírez

The Financial District; a mecca of Commerce and Entertainment

August 24, 2016 - Financial District

Author : Prodigy Network

The much-anticipated Westfield World Trade Center mall, located in the Manhattan WTC towers and subway station, finally opened its doors on August 16, 2016.  The most expensive station in the history of New York City, which opened for business on March 2016, it is home to close to 115 stores, from Apple, Sephora, Hugo Boss to many others.

A New York Story: The City’s New New Destination from WestfieldUS on Vimeo.

However, Westfield is much more than just a mall. Located in one of New York City’s prime transportation hubs, it is situated at the entrance of the Financial District. The Financial District hosts 60,000 residents, sees close to 300,000 pedestrians circulating every day, and is one of the most interconnected spots in the city, with access to 13 trains (including subway services and PATH trains) and multiple ferry lines.

Westfield covers 365,000 square feet of stores to suit all tastes and styles. Over 45,000 square feet of Westfield’s physical space is occupied by Eataly’s second Manhattan location, housed on Tower 4 of the World Trade Center. This gastronomic paradise offers a wide selection of wines, cheese, pizzas, pasta, fish, oysters, and much more.

Eataly Downtown NYc 4WTC, VIP opening - Photos by Pablo Enriquez

Eataly Downtown NYc 4WTC, VIP opening – Photos by Pablo Enriquez

“The World Trade Center is a symbol of hope, opportunity, progress, and perseverance,” said Westfield Chief Operating Officer William Hecht.

William Hecht’s words have highlighted the Financial District’s resurgence during the past few years, as witnessed by the erection of the 9/11 Memorial, the World Trade Centers, Brookfield Place, as well as various gastronomic and commercial establishments. Arguably, this comprehensive list, including Santiago Calatrava’s beautifully designed station and Westfield World Trade Center Mall, has enabled the Financial District to reach its apex for the first time in recent history.

At Prodigy Network, we make sure that our financial projects are located in the most strategic areas of New York City. Henceforth, when structuring our projects, a thorough and extensive study of our respective zones is conducted, to envision the most suitable markets for development. Following this market research, two of our developments are located in the Financial District.

AKA Wall Street, a short term rental apartments property, opened its doors on June 2016. It is located only ten minutes from Westfield mall; since then, it has positioned itself as one of the best accommodations alternatives in the area. Read more about AKA Wall Street.

The Assemblage/17 John, located five minutes from the World Trade Center, is our first co-working space property and is currently under construction. Read more about coworking spaces. 

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